Robert Shand

Project Manager

Phone: 520.623.3112 Ext. 303
JEF Office: Tucson
40 E. Helen St.
Tucson, AZ 85705
Ph: 520.623.3112
Fax: 520.623.3130


Watershed and Geologic Science


Specialized Services


As a Project Manager for JE Fuller, Rob is responsible for the organization and management of all levels and phases of stormwater-related projects. He has more than 32 years of specialized experience in watershed hydrology, surface-water hydraulics, and engineering analysis of fluvial systems. The majority of his projects involve hydrologic analysis of urban and rural watersheds; flood-hazard mapping, including flood insurance studies, revisions and amendments; hydraulic design of stormwater facilities and flood-control structures; and the evaluation of erosion and sedimentation impacts, including local scour at bridge and utility-line crossing. Additional projects and specialities include the preparation of watershed management plans, the preparation of concept design plans for flood-hazard mitigation projects; and the analysis and design of storm drain networks for roadway improvement projects.

In his spare time, Rob enjoys sailing, hiking and woodworking.

Professional Registrations/Certifications

Professional Engineer, Arizona

Academic Background

B.S. in Agriculture (Watershed Hydrology), University of Arizona