Watershed and Geologic Science
SR86 – Valacia to Kinney – FLO2D Hydrology


  • Proposed state highway project predicted high discharges and associated costly cross-drainage improvements.
  • The hydrology did not reflect storage associated with broad shallow sheet flow in the upstream watershed.
  • Revised modeling was needed to more accurately reflect watershed conditions.


  • Develop models using more detailed information on the upstream watershed.
  • Model with FLO-2D to account for volume conservation.
  • Extract discharge information at cross-drainage locations using the Floodplain Cross-Section tool in FLO-2D.


  • More informed models were developed.
  • Detailed models using FLO-2D were prepared.
  • Provided the client with cross-drainage locations.

Project Highlight: SR86 – Valacia to Kinney – FLO2D Hydrol



Pima County, AZ


Michael Baker, Jr.

Project Leads

John Wallace

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