and Hydraulics

JE Fuller specializes in arid and semi-arid land hydrology and hydraulics and has experience applying both types of models throughout the Southwest.

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Planning Studies

JE Fuller offers comprehensive planning services to our clients that emphasize a coordinated, watershed-wide approach to flood hazard identification and mitigation.

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Engineering Design

JE Fuller leverages our vast experience and expertise in flood risk identification and mitigation to provide engineering design products at all phases of a project’s development.

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Flood Warning

JE Fuller has industry experts in Flood Warning, ALERT System, Data Collection and Surveillance. Our experts specialize in the collection, dissemination and analyses of real-time hydro-meteorological data and observations.

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Dam Safety

JE Fuller experts in Dam Safety strive to maximize protection of human life and property against dam failure. In order to meet this purpose it is necessary to inspect, evaluate, repair, design, and monitor new and existing structures.

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Applied Fluvial Geomorphology

JE Fuller is an industry leader in applying the science of geomorphology to solve real-world engineering problems and to manage natural hazards in the arid west.

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Regulation and Policy

JE Fuller's professional staff has developed expertise and has gained experience in assisting our clients to obtain permits in a timely manner.

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Specialized Services

JE Fuller has provided specialized engineering services to a variety of public and private clients throughout the Southwest since 1995.

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Environmental Services

JE Fuller offers a comprehensive suite of environmental services to help streamline the environmental regulatory compliance requirements for each type of project.

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JE Fuller professionals are recognized experts with exceptional qualifications and unparalleled experience in a variety of interrelated sub-disciplines; including hydrology and hydraulics, engineering design, flood threat recognition systems, dam safety, applied fluvial geomorphology, planning studies, regulation and policy, and other specialized services.

What Is JE Fuller?

When working with JE Fuller, you know that you can depend on us to find the optimal solution. The following core ideals are the same that we apply to every job - small or large.


We are recognized experts in our core discipline areas. Our clients rely on our expertise to solve their most complex technical and unique interdisciplinary problems.


Our experience and training allow us to transcend simple problem analysis. JE Fuller professionals not only identify the ‘what?’ of the problem, but also the ‘so what?’ leading to an effective solution.


We serve as trusted advisors to our clients by helping them to solve their current problems and head-off future issues before they become problems.


Our clients receive high quality work products for reasonable professional fees. We anticipate roadblocks and craft work plans to reach creative solutions on time and within budget.


Much of our work is repeat business from previous clients. Even our competitors seek our advice when faced with complex technical problems.

Personal Service

JE Fuller’s management structure results in flexible, responsive, and personalized service to our clients. Our project managers are directly involved in doing the work and can effectively communicate that work with our clients.

Quality Assurance

We integrate project analyses and work products across all professional levels and backgrounds greatly benefitting the results. We seek to develop long-term relationships based on excellence and by exceeding client expectations.


We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate highly technical information in a clear and concise manner to our clients, their stakeholders, and members of the public.


Since 1995, JE Fuller has provided specialized consulting services to a variety of public sector and private clients throughout the Southwest.

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What Our Clients Say

“We really appreciate your team’s help on this project in its entirety. I think the document is a massive improvement over what the District currently provides, and your expertise on the Yavapai County Drainage Design Manual update has been invaluable.”

Yavapai County Flood Control District, Arizona

"I am very pleased with the overall ADMP. JE Fuller has provided exactly what I envisioned when I was trying to get the ADMP funded. The amount of effort needed to produce such a thorough report is astounding. You have done a wonderful job managing this project."

Douglas County, Nevada

"I have worked with JE Fuller for the past several years and I’m providing this letter to recommend them for flood control type projects. JE Fuller has provided Fanners Investment Co. (FICO) with services including floodplain use permits for grading work, analysis of river and tributary flooding, sediment transport studies, river master planning, and drainage infrastructure design projects. I have found that they have excellent technical performance and competency. JE Fuller has provided an exceptional work product that was complete, effective and which exceeded project objectives. Their major strengths include the ability to develop unique and creative solutions to technically challenging projects. JE Fuller has excellent budget management, keeps costs well within budget and effectively articulates the on-going status of the budget at all times. Finally, JE Fuller is an excellent project team member who is generous with ideas, solutions and sharing of information for the benefit of the client and all team members."

FICO, Arizona

"Good morning – I wanted to pass on the exciting news that PPW ADMS won the awards for overall Project of the Year and General Project for the International Association of Public Participation! Getting an award is great but working with the professionals on this project team on this study was a privilege and one of the highlights of my time here at the District. This study was truly a team effort and couldn’t have been successful without all of your efforts and dedication to doing excellent work. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you on this study and new projects!"

Flood Control District of Maricopa County, Arizona

"“[City of Sedona] Staff has a great working relationship with this team and has been very pleased with JE Fuller's ability to meet deadlines and produce a quality product. Staff checked references for JE Fuller, and received nothing but positive feedback.”

City of Sedona, Arizona

“I think the work you are doing and the work we are a partner in doing with the Forest Service, Cities, State Land, Non Profit, NGO, and private sector, you know, allows us to make targeted investments go much, much further. And I look at the work we have done with our post-fire flooding analysis and its some of the best work I have ever seen come out of the public sector because it is very, very forward thinking and understands that if you have a limited amount of investment, you better be sure you are spending that in a place that gives you a maximum return. And so when we look at limited financial capacity and the ability to look at drainages and say, which drainage is most important for us to peel off first.”

Coconino County, Arizona