Engineering Design

JE Fuller leverages our vast experience and expertise in flood risk identification and mitigation to provide engineering design products at all phases of a project’s development.  Large and small erosion and flood risk mitigation systems are our specialty. A typical design process begins with a client presenting an area of concern or problem for which they would like to have a solution, with a scope that may range from very localized to regional. After researching the problem, an analysis using state of the technology hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and field investigations is performed to better identify the risk and focus the appropriate formulation of a mitigation strategy.  A stepwise approach to a final solution is employed, beginning with conceptual design alternatives that are then distilled to a preferred alternative through a multi-facet ranking analysis. The preferred alternative is gradually refined through a full design process that culminates in full construction plans, specifications and estimates. Our design services continue through the construction or implementation of the final solution through post-design engineering until the construction project is complete.  JE Fuller has demonstrated time and time again that we can identify the problem, brainstorm practical solutions, prepare design hydrologic and hydraulic models to identify the recommended alternative, and prepare Construction Documents to ultimately solve the problem and reduce the risk.