Dayton Valley Area Drainage Master Plan


  • Active alluvial fan landforms pose a unique flooding and sedimentation hazard
  • The community of Dayton Valley is consistently impacted by alluvial fan flooding
  • The Dayton Valley community presently does not have the drainage infrastructure to mitigate the flood and sedimentation risk


  • Identify and map the active alluvial fan landforms within the community
  • Develop a comprehensive 2-dimenstional hydrologic and hydraulic model to quantify flooding and sedimentation risk
  • Conduct a flowpath uncertainty analysis to account for potential future changes in the fan landforms


  • Communicate the existing flood risk to the residents of the community
  • Identify and develop conceptual mitigation structures for both flooding and sedimentation

Project Highlight: Dayton Valley Area Drainage Master Plan


Lyon & Storey County, Nevada


Carson Water Subconservancy District

Project Leads

Mike Kellogg
Richard Waskowsky