Cochise County ALERT System


  • Frequent local flash flooding to public infrastructure, and business and residential areas disbursed over a large geographic area with remote watersheds
  • The need for high-quality precipitation and streamflow data for improvements to floodplain management practice
  • Limited staff and resources need to be deployed efficiently and effectively for public safety



  • JEF has worked since 1996 to plan, design and install Cochise County’s ALERT Flood Warning system
  • JEF works with the county and stakeholders to identify the best ALERT station types and locations
  • JEF works with the county to determine and provide the most effective means for collecting high-quality data and disseminating the information in real time.



  • Cochise County now has a network of 19 ALERT data collection stations and one ALERT repeater station
  • JEF maintains the system for Cochise and hosts the county’s live interactive website:
  • In January 2021 JEF installed 3 new ALERT Stations

Project Highlight: Cochise County ALERT System


Cochise County, Arizona


Cochise County Engineering and Natural Resources

Project Leads

Cy Miller
Tyler Azeltine