Coffee Pot – Drainage Basin Improvements


  • The Coffee Pot Drainage Basin Improvements Project is the most upstream drainage improvements planned for the Coffee Pot Watershed as outlined in the City of Sedona Storm Water Master Plan, March 2005. The purpose of the project is to reduce flood and erosion hazards to residents along the watercourse.


  • The Project starts at the upstream end which is a City parcel at the north end of Little Elf Drive and runs south and southeasterly ending at an existing inlet structure located at the northwest corner of Basha’s Shopping Center. The Project length is approximately 3,300 linear feet and includes open channels and culverts and outlets to a closed large-diameter stormdrain at the terminus.
  • The pre-design phase of the project involved the identification and evaluation of multiple drainage design alternatives from which the preferred alternative was selected. The preferred design alternative went through 60%, 90%, and 100% design stages leading to the development of Plans, Specifications, and Estimates. The project ultimately consisted of 4 construction contracts allowing a phased construction, with the construction of the Casa Bonita Channel (Phase 1) starting in 2015. The City selected JE Fuller/Hydrology & Geomorphology, Inc. as the prime consultant to provide design services for the project. JEF has several sub-consultants including Premier Engineering Corporation, Southwest Environmental Consultants, Front Burner Media, Ethos Engineering, Del Sol Group, and Specialized Services Co.


  • JEF updated and developed design hydrology for drainage conveyance improvements for the wash. JEF conducted an Pre-Design alternatives evaluation which lead to the selection of a 72″ diameter storm drain beginning north of Buena Vista Drive along Little Elf Dr, Grasshopper Ln, and Coffee Pot Drive to connect to the existing stormdrain at the Basha’s at Coffee Pot Drive and SR 89A. JEF conducted the hydraulic design and prepared construction documents including construction plans,technical specifications, cost estimates, and a design report for the improvements. Construction of the first phase is began in the Winter of 2015 and was completed in May 2016. The Little Elf Phase (final phase) is under construction and is scheduled for completion by June 2019.  No major construction issues were encountered other than trenching through hard rock in the Little Elf Phase which was expected based on Geotechnical investigations.


Yavapai County, Arizona


City of Sedona

Project Leads

Rob Lyons

Scott Ogden