Coldwater Canyon Wash Geomorphic Study

Coldwater Canyon Wash is located in Riverside County, CA. Originating in the Cleveland National Forest, CCW was historically an alluvial fan landform downstream of its hydrologic apex near Glen Ivy Hot Springs. In modern times, the wash has been altered by human development near its headwaters as well as urbanization. A large gravel pit is present near the historic hydrologic apex.

JE Fuller evalulated the wash geomorphically to determine past and future trends in it’s behavior. The wash exhibits downcutting and lateral migration trends which pose a risk to private property. Additionally, the wash crosses Temescal Canyon Road at an at-grade crossing which causing frequent closures.


Riverside County, California


Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District

Project Leads

Nate Vaughan
Peter Acton
Mike Kellogg