Schoens Dam


  • Precision Principle Outlet (PO) gate position unknown during operation
  • Aging ALERT data collection infrastructure and vandalism
  • No ability to remotely interrogate/display impoundment stage and PO position on demand



  • Site inspection
  • Researched as-built plans and position sensor options
  • Designed/Specified a submersible linear position sensor custom made by Positek, and updated data collection platform



  • JEF repaired existing conduit, installed approximately 150 feet of new conduit , and installed 500 feet of new position sensor cable and the new PO linear position sensor.
  • JEF Integrated the existing and new sensors with a Campbell Scientific data logger and display system with redundant ALERT and Cell telemetry, and calibrated existing and new sensors.
  • JEF Re-positioned and surveyed the existing pressure transducer impoundment stage sensor, and test operated the PO gate with the new linear position sensor in place.

Project Highlight: Shoens Dam


Navajo County, Arizona


Navajo County Public Works Department

Project Leads

Brian Iserman
Cory Helton