Sonoqui Wash


  • Partially urbanized area subject to sheet flooding and concentrated flows within roadways and along ill-defined drainage corridors.
  • A single outlet point at the downstream location of project where flows must be collected and discharged to.
  • Maintain the regulatory hydraulic conveyance and not adversely impact downstream and upstream properties and water surface elevations.


  • Performed initial hydrology and hydraulic analysis, including a FLO2D model, to define pre-construction flooding conditions and potential effectiveness of proposed solutions.
  • Performed pre-design analysis to evaluate and compare various alternatives resulting in a final preferred design alternative for the project.
  • Performed design calculations for system hydrology, hydraulics, and sedimentation, as well as efforts in utility location, landscape aesthetics, and ROW/Easement acquisition, and public involvement.


  • Developed two separate drainage systems to intercept and convey runoff to the Phase II portion of the Sonoqui Wash Channel.
  • Each system is comprised of a combination of detention basins, open channel, and storm drain.
  • Prepared construction documents at 30%, 60%, 90% and 100% design levels, as well as design reports.  Construction docs included plans, specs, and cost estimates.

Project Highlight: Sonoqui Wash Channelization Phase III


Queen Creek, AZ


Flood Control District of Maricopa County

Project Leads

Brian Fry
Nate Vaughan